Wednesday, June 28, 2006


hello again!!! it seems as though the progress of this wonderful, unique, clever, ultra-kind blog has stagnated. i am to blame for that. I tend to get realllly excited about things and then just, uh, completely forget about them. This happens all the time to me, in all walks of life, little stuff, big stuff, all stuff. I am trying to work on this. Balance. what we all must maintain. I've been trying this out and I recently came to the conclusion that I am generally good at everything I try, which is cool, bc I can do a bunch of stuff. But it's not that cool bc here i am in cubicle country with 23 minutes left realizing that 1) i smell really bad. i can't wear "real" deodarant bc my armpits get angry so I wear Tom's natural when i remember, which is rarely. that wasn't my point tho, 2) I need to freaking focus on something I enjoy and am good at so I don't end up with a permanent passport to cubicle country. stream of derailed train of thought. that is one polluted stream of consciousness.

So that was a tangent and a half.

I just wanted to say thank you again to anna and jay for making this blog and to christina for her jewelry and comments and all the anonymous comments. And most of all to all the people that have contributed! We have $145 dollars, kids! I really want to get to NJ to see people, that would realllllly be cool. The re-beginning begins now. (love - nikkol)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Not only is she AWESOME, but she's talented too!

Nikkol made the following pieces of jewlery for all you sassy folks to enjoy. So what are you waiting for?

She's amazing!

Nikkol suggested that we take donations for her jewlery. To give you all a base price (because we know how uncomfortable coughing up a price is) we've given you suggestions. If you love something but can't afford our suggestion, write to us and say so. We'll understand. They're just suggestions, after all.

The suggested price of this necklace is $25.

This necklace is 19 1/2" with a heart and rod clasp with small blue/purple beads with groupings of silver beads and decorated translucent beads in different shades of blue and purple.

If you're interested in purchasing it, please holler in type at Leave a comment for the piece of jewlery that you want to purchase so that we know what you're talking about when we get your email! K, thanks! MamaH.

Jewlery By Nikkol

The suggested price of this item is $25, however we'll eat up your donations like they're popsicles and it's July.

This necklace is 14 1/2" with a circle and rod clasp and has many small blue/purple beads with cloudy translucent purple beads and cream/purple beads.

If you think this necklace would look really great on you (because I do) than write to us at and we'll talk to you about payment! Don't worry, we're friendly!

Jewlery By Nikkol

The suggested price of this item is $15 dollars, but we will accept your donation. Thank You!

This bracelet is 8" with a hooking flower and circle clasp with many small blue/purple beads and cloudy translucent blue beading.

If you are interested in helping Nikkol get home by purchasing this bracelet, please shout out to her friends at

Jewlery By Nikkol

Our suggested price is $15 but we'll accept any donation, thank you!

This braclet is 8 3/4" with a hook and circle clasp and has different shades of blue and purple translucent beads and silver beads

If you are interested in purchasing this lovely item, please contact FoN at

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Jewelry by Christina Alessi

Christina has donated this cheerful bracelet!

It has brightly colored orange buttons twined through hemp with two smaller pink buttons as a clasp.

We are selling it here for $20.

If you purchase this lovely bracelet, please send shipping information to

You can purchase this bracelet by doing the following things:

Clicking the paypal button on the right hand side of the screen, donating $20.

Write to us at our hotmail account and send us your shipping information so that we can send your new purchase right out to you.

Sound good?

And of course, all proceded go towards helping Nikkol Get Home!

Monday, May 08, 2006

it's may already again

I can't believe how time flies! even when you're not having fun, hardy har har.

I really am working extra hard right now on getting myself balanced and stable while still focusing as best I can on finding a good job. I really think that will help alot, I know it won't solve all my problems, but I really think it'll be a huge step in the right direction. Ultimately I'd like to find a new job before I travel, but of course if that takes too long, I can figure something out I'm sure. I can't even handle having a day off here and feeling like I didn't get enough done to find a job, I can only imagine that I would still have my mind on other things. Anywho, I can ramble on.

Ideas to save money: save your pocket changes, I know some of you still may be saying, why doesn't she just save money?, I am trying to but it's near impossible to with my circumstances, and trying to save $400 on your own is really hard, having people putting in small amounts really adds up. I never woulda thought we'd get $80, now I really want to get to the goal of $400. I want to make a meter of progress, bursting thermometer style.
i guess that was only one really obvious idea.

send comments send ideas send money send comments send ideas send money send comments send ideas send money send comments send ideas send money send comments send ideas send money send comments send ideas send money send comments send ideas send money send comments send ideas send money send comments send ideas send money send comments send ideas send money

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Lemons and Sugar

All this generousity is enough to make me smile, even though I've been feeling particularly sour lately. No need to suck on any more lemons because we've got 80 bucks, boys and girls!

Woopidy Doo Dah! You heard me! (Or, rather, saw me!)

That's not bad, considering that we have no actual advertisement for this.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You all rock!

Now, let's all think of really creative ways to get Nikkol home with $80 bucks.

We have roughly 4000 miles and 80 dollars.

You go first.

I think the first thing she's going to need are new shoes.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Orbits, Expedia and The Great Big Money Tree

Camarillo Air Museum IV
Originally uploaded by spaceworms.
I've been doing a little comparison shopping. Plus, we've already begun to make money and people have been donating their beautiful artwork to sell here.

I can't help but wonder why flying is so expensive. The most uncomfortable hours of my life have certainly been spent on a plane. (Okay, that's a lie, but it seems fashionable to make gross overstatments such as the above.) The flight attendents are anything but friendly, and if you're blessed with long legs like mine, you end up in the fetal position for most of your trip and can't even get the food tray all the way down. That's not even mentioning being elbow to elbow with a stranger who you are trying not to talk to and look at, even if you think they might be interesting because you're petrified that they are trying not to talk or look at you. The food is untouchable. It inconvieniences the world to pee and it is impossible to sleep.

I do, however, like to take off and land. I could take off and land over and over and over again.

Here's an example of what I've found. Yep, it appears that we'll be paying about $360 for a flight. I found a few others for less, but not much less.

I will keep investigating and keep you updated!

Also, how adorable is Nikkol in her intro?

so like....

i have to say that i am totally flattered that anyone would be so interested in seeing me that they would set up a blog enticing people to give money to get me from Oregon to NJ to see old friends. i also have to admit that during my unwanted technology hiatus i've fallen behind and don't really understand how this whole blogspot works. so i am just typing some stuff and hoping it gets read or whatever. i also am a huge procrastinator and as i am typing this i should be getting ready for work, but eh, i hate my job so it's hard to motivate. and i have an hour. whatever, all i have to do is get dressed and not spill on myself in the car. getting back to NJ would be great bc i could see my family and friends and also since i am super unhappy with my job and the job market in portland, it would be a good opportunity to see if i could handle living in NJ again. so should send some money and stuff so i can see the garden state again.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Buttons and Stickers Suck

Maybe it's not practical for me to suggest that you empty your pockets to a person you don't know and expect nothing in return. After all, if you're American, it's most likely that you're a consumer and want something for your money.

What would you like?

Yeah, this is supposed to be an act of charity. But even charitable acts give out buttons and stickers. Buttons and stickers suck. Buttons and stickers poke people and get torn off by menacing toddlers or people with OCD, so I'm thinking that we'll offer you something more conceptual- eh... cheaper- like good advice or driving directions from point A to B or a little*(1) research for a term paper you've been meaning to write but have been really putting off.

Even if you don't contribute to our cause, if we like you*(2), we'll probably help you out with these things anyway, because we're that kind of gurl, you see.

On her own, Nikkol has helped me sell the pretty clothes I design, donated her hair to locks of love and been politically active for years.

1. 1-2 pages of notes on the subject of your choice, typed and double spaced with refereces in MLS format.

2. Monsters, Idiots, Creepziods, Bigots and Heartless, Boring, Angry, Out of Control, Useless Wastes of Society excluded. Mmkay. Sorry.