Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Buttons and Stickers Suck

Maybe it's not practical for me to suggest that you empty your pockets to a person you don't know and expect nothing in return. After all, if you're American, it's most likely that you're a consumer and want something for your money.

What would you like?

Yeah, this is supposed to be an act of charity. But even charitable acts give out buttons and stickers. Buttons and stickers suck. Buttons and stickers poke people and get torn off by menacing toddlers or people with OCD, so I'm thinking that we'll offer you something more conceptual- eh... cheaper- like good advice or driving directions from point A to B or a little*(1) research for a term paper you've been meaning to write but have been really putting off.

Even if you don't contribute to our cause, if we like you*(2), we'll probably help you out with these things anyway, because we're that kind of gurl, you see.

On her own, Nikkol has helped me sell the pretty clothes I design, donated her hair to locks of love and been politically active for years.

1. 1-2 pages of notes on the subject of your choice, typed and double spaced with refereces in MLS format.

2. Monsters, Idiots, Creepziods, Bigots and Heartless, Boring, Angry, Out of Control, Useless Wastes of Society excluded. Mmkay. Sorry.


Anonymous stalker said...

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10:22 PM  
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