Thursday, April 27, 2006

Orbits, Expedia and The Great Big Money Tree

Camarillo Air Museum IV
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I've been doing a little comparison shopping. Plus, we've already begun to make money and people have been donating their beautiful artwork to sell here.

I can't help but wonder why flying is so expensive. The most uncomfortable hours of my life have certainly been spent on a plane. (Okay, that's a lie, but it seems fashionable to make gross overstatments such as the above.) The flight attendents are anything but friendly, and if you're blessed with long legs like mine, you end up in the fetal position for most of your trip and can't even get the food tray all the way down. That's not even mentioning being elbow to elbow with a stranger who you are trying not to talk to and look at, even if you think they might be interesting because you're petrified that they are trying not to talk or look at you. The food is untouchable. It inconvieniences the world to pee and it is impossible to sleep.

I do, however, like to take off and land. I could take off and land over and over and over again.

Here's an example of what I've found. Yep, it appears that we'll be paying about $360 for a flight. I found a few others for less, but not much less.

I will keep investigating and keep you updated!

Also, how adorable is Nikkol in her intro?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are plane tickets so expensive?
Gas gas gas gas gas
Soon we won't be able to travel anywhere we can't get to on foot. Although they probably *will* begin taxing our feet soon.


2:39 PM  
Anonymous mamaholler said...

Is it the gas? That's what I thought too, so I asked my husband (who I'm convinced knows and can do and fix everything) and he said that he thinks the gas must be covered by all the travelers so they just hack up the prices because they can.


10:15 PM  
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