Thursday, April 27, 2006

so like....

i have to say that i am totally flattered that anyone would be so interested in seeing me that they would set up a blog enticing people to give money to get me from Oregon to NJ to see old friends. i also have to admit that during my unwanted technology hiatus i've fallen behind and don't really understand how this whole blogspot works. so i am just typing some stuff and hoping it gets read or whatever. i also am a huge procrastinator and as i am typing this i should be getting ready for work, but eh, i hate my job so it's hard to motivate. and i have an hour. whatever, all i have to do is get dressed and not spill on myself in the car. getting back to NJ would be great bc i could see my family and friends and also since i am super unhappy with my job and the job market in portland, it would be a good opportunity to see if i could handle living in NJ again. so should send some money and stuff so i can see the garden state again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i totally get it now!

10:21 PM  
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